Is a Coronavirus cure on the way? Doctors say COVID-19 survivors’ blood plasma can help save many patients!

As the Coronavirus pandemic is on the rise, scientists around the world are working 24/7 to find a cure. Researchers believe the answers lie in recovering Coronavirus patients. COVID-19 recoveries or “Hyperimmune” people, their ‘blood plasma’ holds millions of antibodies produced to fight COVID-19.

All health workers are to receive this treatment along with the patients. Because this will help limit the spread of the illness. The experiment will help identify all super immune or hyperimmune COVID-19 recoveries.

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How does blood plasma work?

Doctors are to infuse patients with ‘these’ antibodies. The experimental treatment is for patients admitted to hospitals with pneumonia caused by the virus. It will hopefully reduce the number of chronic cases. But there is a problem. Because of the low number of COVID-19 recovered patients and also its side effects, if any.

The so-called “convalescent plasma” will be given to patients and their immediate contacts in a number of clinical trials that are under consideration with medical funding bodies. China first reported its official “convalescent plasma” or blood plasma trial.

A large network of U.S. hospitals and authorities await permission from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to begin large studies of the infusions, for both, as a possible treatment for the sick and as vaccine-like temporary protection for people at high risk of infection.

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But here’s a thing about fast-paced research. There is no guarantee it will work. But at a time when the entire world is fighting against this virus, it gives us a fighting chance. Self-quarantine is the best policy until a vaccine comes out. Till then, stay in your homes and stay safe.

Coronavirus is not here to stay. A vaccine will be introduced sooner or later.

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