Is a new pandemic waiting to happen after Coronavirus in 2020? Rats become aggressive in the United States as CDC warn of cannibal rodents

Cannibalistic Rats turn towards garbage due to food scarcity in the ongoing lockdown

With the Coronavirus pandemic going all around in the world, a new epidemic outbreak might be on the loose. According to a few reports, rats are behaving more unusual than ever. The rats are out in search of new food source and as a result, all dump places are vanishing due to a rodent outbreak. These rodents have already turned cannibalistic, as they are eating each other as well as their offsprings in order to feed their hunger.

However, this is a direct result of the coronavirus pandemic. Due to the extent of lockdowns, rats don’t have enough food supply nowadays, and it has now become their fight for survival. The CDC has issued a warning of the “aggressive and unusual” behavior of rodents to restaurants, malls, bars, fast-food joints, and other commercial establishment owners.

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Cannibalism in Rats: Unusual behavior of rodents

Countrywide lockdowns are leading to food scarcity for all living beings. Rodents are the ones who get affected the most. The reduction in food availability, especially in densely populated areas is causing such trouble. Some districts are also reporting an increase in rodent activity as they come out to search for food.

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Environmental health and rodent control sites are receiving huge service requests. This is normally unusual for this time of the year. There is a warning of further escalation in the situation. Because rats are reportedly fighting amongst themselves to eat each other for food. Infanticide has become a new food supply for rodents. The health authorities need to be alert because very soon they might start attacking humans. That may lead to an outbreak similar to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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