Is Alien life exist on Mars? NASA says its new 2021 rover Perseverance can help find aliens in the Red Planet


NASA is currently testing its new advance rover, Perseverance, in the deserts of Australia. This will help determine if the rover is fit to determine life on the Red Planet. The Mars rover launches for space in June 2021. The Perseverance rover is made to look for signs of ancient life on the Martian surface. However, analyzing the Martian craters like Jezero for rocks and soil samples will be a good start. Scientists believe that area is good for the microbial ecosystem.

The current study of the Australian desert using the life-detecting tools of Mars Perseverance rover shows a good sign of improvement. In the Finders ranger, Australia, the rover found a real fossil that dates back to a million years. The NASA rover has 7 different instruments that help determine the presence of life while going through organic samples in the geographical space.

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NASA Perseverance: finding traces of Alien life

The data collected by Perseverance show a lot of promise to find alien or prehistoric life in the Red Planet. Because in the Australian deserts, the rover could determine rocks and soil samples that go back hundreds of millions of years. Also, the enhanced AI allows the rover to guess about the environment during the microbial civilizations.

Researchers say that this is a big step in order to study microbiological presence in other planets too.

Bonnie Teece is an astrobiologist from the University of New South Wales. She says that it is interesting, the rover shows signs of ancient microbial life from the Cambrian period.

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Teece added that animals first evolved on earth during that period. “We see biomarkers, we find organic compounds, and we find physical fossils and minerals that are definitely a part of the biology on Earth.”

So, it is quite possible that this NASA rover can detect ancient alien civilizations that may be present or have been there on Mars. Let us know your opinion in the comment section below!

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