Is Cancer still worse than the Coronavirus outbreak? Taking care of Cancer patients is of utmost importance!


Oncologists around the world are currently facing a bigger challenge amid the Coronavirus outbreak. Cancer patients are more prone to illnesses than any other human being. But this not only puts them as an easy target for Coronavirus but also for any other contagious disease. 

Even in normal times, the oncology department always stays in high alert. This is because of the low immunity level of cancer patients. If Coronavirus affects these patients it will be hell for both, the patients as well as the healthcare workers. Because as it is the treatment of cancer involves multiple steroid doses, chemoradiation, and other modulators on a daily basis.

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How to take care of the Cancer patients during Coronavirus?

In such a scenario of a global pandemic, caring for cancer patients is of utmost importance. Cancer patients normally have very low immunity towards any communicable disease. Caring for such patients in these distressing times faces a few challenges. Firstly, if they are to contact COVID-19 the virus will surely compromise them due to the low immunity. Secondly, Severy Acute Respiratory diseases of any kind have a severe effect on Cancer patients receiving active treatment.

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Caring for Cancer patients is, however, not that difficult. They too need to follow the same principles as that of the general public. Self-quarantine, social distancing, washing hands using disinfectant soap for 20 seconds, and wear masks everywhere they go. But clinical visits will be on the check. In cases of active treatment, family visits may be restricted for a small time.

The main challenge, however, is to keep on continuing the Cancer treatment during this crisis. But global bodies like NCCN, ASCO, and ESMO are taking care of that problem too. Guidelines are sent periodically to help assist the doctors.

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