Is China Face Second Coronavirus Outbreak? 14% of Recovered Patients from Corona are Tested Positive!

Coronavirus Outbreak

We all know that China has recovered from the Coronavirus Outbreak. The lethal and quarantine situation in china are turning to its normal state. In this condition, we come to know that nearly 14% of the recovered people have infected again.

Experts say that this infection can be persistent. This means that it lies dormant in a person for years and suddenly flare up again to cause infection.

This has raised disturbing questions about the true state of people’s recovery and their potential to spread the virus without showing symptoms.

While nearly 3,000 people have died, more than 47,000 have recovered and discharged from the hospital. But weeks later, doctors have reported that some people have tested positive for the pathogen again.

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Coronavirus Outbreak? What are the Possibilities of Coronavirus Re-Infection?

Professor Mark Harris, a virology expert has explained that the persistent infection of animal coronavirus is mainly spread from bats. We all know that the Chinese have a liking for bats as their food item. These bats have been sold in the markets of Wuhan, China, which is the epicenter of the outbreak.

A health official in Guangdong Province has told that the re-infected patients have discharged from the hospital after testing negative for the Coronavirus but then fell ill again later.
The other possibility, therefore, is that they did not clear the infection but remained persistently infected.

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When the immune system drops, there is a possibility of activating the virus again.
Another possibility of re-activating the dormant is molecular signaling between the immune system and the virus.

There is a possibility of reactivation of the infection when the virus undergoes mutation. The health officials of china have stated that it’s not yet clear if the people who have been tested positive for a second time are contagious. It is known that 13 of those who are in close contact with more than 100 people after being discharged appear to not have passed the infection.

The re-activation of the virus in recovered patients has triggered panic among the people across the world.

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