Coronavirus is a biological Weapon

Is Coronavirus Used As a Bioweapon? The US Seeks 20 Trillion Dollars from China!!


Coronavirus is a biological Weapon

We all may have come across the news from different social media that coronavirus is a bio-weapon. We all know that the Wuhan market is located only a few yards away from the Wuhan virology institute.

This institute is china’s first biosafety level 4 labs that research on most dangerous pathogens. Rumour says the people of Wuhan are affected because of their consumption of the seafood from Wuhan market.

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A recent study by the South China University of Technology said that the researchers kept some diseased animals in the lab. A diseased bat’s blood kept in the lab was accidentally spill in the hands of a researcher. This action caused infection in humans.

We can understand that COVID-19 has probably originated from the lab. This study also concludes that disease might have leaked from the lab due to their mistake.


The US Seeks Compensation from China due to The Coronavirus Outbreak

But still many believe that this is a part of the Chinese plan to induce coronavirus in our world. But there is no proof or evidence for these rumours. However, the US has filed a lawsuit against china seeking compensation more than the gross domestic product of China.

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It has come to know that the US seeks 20 trillion dollars from China. The US also accuses it of releasing a bioweapon in the form of the novel coronavirus. As of now, the US is the worst affected country due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

So in order to compensate for all the losses faced by the US including death and medical treatment charges it seeks compensation from China.

The scientists say that SARS-COV-2 is the seventh type of coronavirus to infect humans.

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