Is Donald Trump Being Kicked Out to Space Through a Petition Signatures by Almost 130,000 People

Donald Trump

Donald Trump is the 45th and the contemporary president of the United States and has been in authority since January 20th, 2017. He is from the Republican political party and received a bachelor’s degree in economics from the Wharton school. He has been mocked for the way he runs the United States.

The Petition

Online Petition

Autumn Boehle in late 2015 started an online petition to send the president of the United States, Donald Trump to space. Five years on, the petition has gained momentum again in 2020 due to the way Trump has mishandled the COVID-19 outbreak. This petition has gained almost 130,000 signatures by people across the globe to kick Trump into space.
Most of the people across the globe are against the decision and behavior of Trump. This is due to his infantile use of twitter, which made him be mocked by several people and also for his usual blustery rhetoric attitude towards the immigrants.

Donald Trump

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What Made the World to Dislike Donald Trump?

Donald Trump is against liberal immigration policies. This has swayed the employment of immigrants and also IT companies in the USA. This made most of the immigrants and emigrants to abominate Trump for shattering their dream to live in America.

Donald Trump has been prioritizing issues like the Muslim immigration clampdown and challenging the independence of the Federal Reserve System. He also selected bizarre and ill-qualified cabinet members. He also antagonized China and other trading partners for no reason or embracing Russia and its rouge regime. This is not acceptable beyond limits and made people and communities against him.

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Trump has been through a lot of bankruptcy. He openly tries to bend the laws to his favor to save himself from the government and banks not to burden him anymore. This shows some flaws in his personality and lack of responsibility towards his position.

Trump is extremely outrageous when it comes to his behavior and speaking. An intellectual person thinks before he speaks. But due to Trump’s short temper, he never thinks before speaking this made many people hate him.

Although adherents are generously conferring him the credit for alleviating the tax and providing hundreds of fighting time for the American workers. This leads to more employment opportunities for Americans.

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