Is Donald Trump out of his mind or is he plain ignorant, doctors warn the public to not listen to the President!

Donald Trump

Throughout so many years since his Presidential campaign, President Donald Trump still seems to have got it. His current statements are proof that he is, and always will be the most ignorant person on the planet. But previously everyone used to think that ignorance is bliss, but clearly it is not. President Trump is known for making controversial statements, but this is way over the line. Because this is not just about policy, this is about mass public advice.

In a recent interview, President Trump just gave advice that people should ingest disinfectants. But more precisely he says injecting Lysol or even drinking it will help. This goes completely in contrast to the report released by EPA. In no situation should you start drinking and injecting disinfectants. Lysol and Dettol came out and requested the general public to not use disinfectants on themselves.

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Donald Trump lays out two of his ignorant stupid ideas!

His first idea is that high-intensity light helps kill Coronavirus. In his interview, he goes on about a fictitious experiment that proves UV radiation helps kill the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Firstly, he is no scientist, secondly, does he even know what science is? He seems to lack general awareness about his surroundings.

To the mass public out there he is suggesting that people should go out and get some sunlight on their skin. Okay, you can say that this is not wrong right? Well, it is. He is not saying this to help you improve Vitamin D in your body. No, he believes sunlight will kill Coronavirus. Well, if you do not know let me tell you, the high intensity of sunlight radiation will cause Cancer.

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But this is not even half of a joke as considered to his second advice. Also, this is the reason why doctors are calling him an idiot. Because you are the leading figure to a huge population, and you, advice ingesting Lysol. President Donald Trump is either mad or plainly an obnoxiously ignorant person.

Disinfectants will kill you, even if the Coronavirus doesn’t. No one is supposed to ingest, let alone locally inject disinfectants.

So here’s a question for you. Are you ready to listen for more advice from the President of the United States? Or will you use your mind and take advice from licensed medical practitioners.

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