Is Google supporting China? The tech giant removed another TikTok rival, Zynn, days after deleting Mitron from Play Store

TikTok wins again by deleting the US-made ripoff, Zynn from the Play Store with the help from Google

Google may be supporting China on its application launches. The tech giant is aggressively removing any app that may be remotely similar to TikTok. All of these started with the recent removal of the Indian TikTok ripoff named Mitron. Zynn, a US clone of the popular social media sharing app from China has been rocking the internet for a while now. However, Google took down this app after being reported for plagiarism.

The fight within these two companies started due to wrong information uploading. Zynn app uploaded many videos of Tik Tok users without the consent of them. This led to a plagiarism report for the Zynn app. Ultimately, this led to the shutdown of the app from the Play Store.

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Zynn: An United States TikTok ripoff

The reason behind Zynn’s sudden growth was its reward program where the users got paid for watching videos on the app and for also making other users download the app. As the report, users got $1 for joining the app, $20 for getting another user to join the app, and $10 for making five other users join the app.

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The company did not want to pay giant corporations like Facebook or Google so they used the exact same amount of money to pay their frontline users instead. Due to this Zynn became the most downloaded app in the United States after its launch in the first week of May. But many plagiarism reports against the US app led to its removal from the Play Store. However, one may see the weird support from Google towards China. A similar cause led to the downfall of another Indian app named Mitron last year. Visit the official website for more information.

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