Is Rabies spreading amid the Coronavirus pandemic? Rabid Bats test positive for Rabies in Freemont as Health authorities order emergency area disinfection


In recent news, a bat found in the Fremont neighborhood tested positive for rabies. A group of rabid bats is terrorizing the place amid the ongoing pandemic. According to the health authorities, this is a very unusual time to spot such mishaps. According to reports, Mexican free-tailed bats are roaming in the neighborhood. However, one of the bats was in bad shape. The health officials recovered it from the balcony. Although it poses no threat to humans directly, still human transmission is a possibility. The bat is currently undergoing tests in Alameda County Vector Control unit.

In this kind of environment, it is unusual for any contact between a bat and a person or animal. Northgate area reported a case of rabid bats in October 2019. The county took ever steps to notify people about the deadly disease. Because in times of such a big pandemic, it will be impossible to handle another epidemic.

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Rabies is an infectious disease that leads to death. The virus affects the central nervous system along with your brain. But thankfully the doctors have come up with a series of Rabies vaccine shots. However, these need to be administered as soon as a person is affected. Any time wasted might lead to death.

Here are a few to tips to steer clear of rabid bats and Rabies

  • Though there are no bats in your area, still it is a bright idea to get your pet animal vaccinations.
  • Keep your dogs inside your property, especially if they are 3-month-old puppies.
  • Report if you see any animal bite on humans.
  • Report any suspicious contact of cats and dogs with other wild animals.
  • Try not to attract any skunks with your food.
  • Never provide shelter for bats in such a situation as a pandemic.

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If you came into contact with any bats, notify the health officials immediately. Let us know what you think of this health crisis in the comment section below!

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