Is the Coronavirus lockdown good for us? Lets talk about nature on this Earth Day, while our planet breathes fresh air!

Earth Day

The Coronavirus is not a blessing for humans. Period! But what about our Planet? The ongoing lockdown helped Earth by keeping clean air, water, among many other gifts. Right now nature is heaving a sigh of relief. No wonder we want to go outside and see the nature around us again. This Earth Day let us be a bit more kind to our planet.

Staying in lockdown for so many weeks is making us realize the gift of nature. Everything that we take for granted is haunting us. At the beginning of the Coronavirus lockdown, NASA reports showed a drop in the level of air pollutants. Now we can see it all around us. No wonder the air is cleaner, fresher, fit to breathe once again.

India, which falls in the top 5 countries of carbon emission, has also shown a massive drop in pollution rate. According to a source from Stanford University, the global carbon output will drop almost by 5% when the lockdown is finally lifted.

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Here a few things to notice this Earth Day:

  • Air quality is better in all parts of the world. The lack of automobiles on the road means no pollution. Also due to no office, there is no disturbance from the rush hour. The air is cleaner as well as quite. Normally a busy intersection point will have a sound level of 90dB or higher. But it is around 50-60dB now.
  • The quality of water has improved significantly. This has helped improve the polluted marine ecosystem. In India, the river Ganga, Yamuna, and Varanasi are running with clean water.
  • The best effect of lockdown is for the wildlife out in the open. Animals are coming out in the open and breathing fresh air in the absence of people. This is just an example of how nature can live very well without the intervention of wildlife.

  • Planning and rationing is another thing this lockdown helped us humans do. This earth day, let us rethink everything we took for granted. All of the excess things that we order and get at our doorstep is helping us remind how we are not thankful for mother nature.

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We all hope that the Coronavirus pandemic will move away soon. But that should not lead us back into the pollution pockets. Let us take a pledge this Earth Day to help keep our planet the way it is!

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