Is the number of Coronavirus cases silently increasing in America? Reports show 85% people may be affected!


Researchers in California along with other volunteers are trying to find out exactly how many individuals suffer from the Coronavirus. Because according to research the virus is more widely spread than seems to be the case.

A sample large scale test is the reason for this assumption. In Santa Clara County a total of 3,300 people had to undergo the Coronavirus detection test. Out of them, nearly 4.5% of the people tested positive for the SARS-CoV-2 virus. But this is not a low percentage in terms of the National population.

This was the first official large-scale test. This percentage shows a much higher number of people have the disease without knowing it. In Santa Clara county itself, almost 85,000 people can be COVID-19 positive because the County has 2 million people.

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Blood prick test to detect Coronavirus

This number is almost 85 times higher than the reported 1000 Coronavirus cases, say researchers from Stanford University. The volunteers underwent tests at random drive-through sites. Blood samples were in the form of a drop of blood. It was a simple finger prick test.

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Epidemiologist Dr. John Brownstein, however, has a separate opinion. He says the results of only one County in Calfornia is not enough to be certain, because the people of Santa Clara do not represent the entire population of the United States of America. But the study still confirms that the number we see is not true, because the number of cases in one large test is definitely high.

The United States of America currently reports 7,50,000 positive Coronavirus. The country has seen 40,100 deaths due to this pandemic.

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