Is your device safe? A new WhatsApp malware is infecting phones! How to keep your phone safe?

WhatsApp Scams

Internet usage has risen nowadays, with everyone staying indoors due to worldwide lockdown. The COVID-19 pandemic has proven to be a wide playground for scammers who have found a way to thrive in this situation. WhatsApp scamming is not uncommon. There are a lot of fake messages all around social media. But there is one WhatsApp message that is doing rounds of scamming worldwide.

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How does the WhatsApp malware work?

WhatsApp Gold, the scamming app, is not new in 2020. It first appeared in the mid-2010s. A message invites users to install a secret version of WhatsApp used only by celebrities. This secret version is supposed to give access to a lot of confidential features of WhatsApp.

Here’s the twist. You are not actually downloading a new WhatsApp version. But rather you are downloading malware into your phone. This malware infects your phone almost instantly, as it finishes downloading. Stay clear of any such spam messages.

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However, apps are not the only malware reported during this Coronavirus pandemic. Rumors are spread regarding videos that are infecting phones. Videos titled ‘Martinelli‘ or ‘Dance of the Pope’ are supposedly downloading malware while you are seeing them.

Can your phone be infected by seeing videos?

Experts claim the ‘Martinelli video infection to be a hoax. Videos in and of themselves have limited potential to infect a user’s device. Random text pop-outs can be malicious. Take care while clicking on any app or text pop out.

Do not download the malicious app from the internet. Use your internet wisely because the Internet can crash anytime any day. Be safe with this malicious and Coronavirus too!!

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