Israel Will Build Next New Moon Lander Beresheet 2.0

Israel Beresheet 2.0 is coming Soon. 

Moon Lander Beresheet 2.0
 SpaceIL Will Build New Moon Lander Beresheet 2.0

Israel will continue targeting to the lunar-landing, the team that includes in Israel Beresheet mission, which crashed during its historic moon-landing on Thursday (11/April/2019), will launch another spacecraft Beresheet 2.0 for the moon mission. 

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“We’re going to really build another spacecraft Beresheet 2.0,” a billionaire businessman and a philanthropist Morris Kahn said in a video that posted on Twitter by the nonprofit company SpaceIL. “We’re going to put it on the moon, and we’re going to finish the mission.”

The project of Beresheet 2.0 will begin tomorrow and he also told that the mission team has a meeting tomorrow (April 14) to start planning on the new project.


Morris Kahn is the chief of SpaceIL, which built and worked Beresheet alongside the company Israel Aerospace Industries. He also funded the mission to a substantial degree, covering about 40% of its total $100 million prices.

The 1.5 meters tall Beresheet, The name of spacecraft means “in the beginning” in the Hebrew language.

The little robot spent the next six weeks after launch from the earth, it gets slowly outward from orbit and getting closer and closer to the moon. On 4/April/2019, Beresheet was pick up by lunar gravity, then Israel just the seventh country that put a probe in the orbit of the moon.

The landing attempt came a week later. Success would have conceded Israel passage into a significantly progressively exclusive club; to date, just the Soviet Union, the United States, and China have a soft lunar landing.

Israel Beresheet spacecraft
The last image captured by Israel Beresheet Spacecraft

And those missions were all off on government-funded. Israel SpaceIL company was aiming to turn into the first privately funded spacecraft ever to explore the moon’s surface.

But it didn’t happen, Beresheet suffered from a technical problem in the engine during its landing on Thursday and it slammed into the gray dirt at 310 mph (500 km/h).

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SpaceIL started out as a participant in the Google Lunar X Prize, a $30 million competition designed to spur private space exploration mission. The GLXP finished last year without any winner, yet SpaceIL keeps working on its mission, as completed several other teams.

X Prize officials declared shortly after Thursday Beresheet spacecraft crash that the SpaceIL team will still get a special award of $1 million.

“I think they managed how to touch the surface of the moon, and that is the thing that we were looking for our Moonshot Award,” said Anousheh Ansari X Prize Chief Executive Officer

SpaceIL main goals were to advance Israel’s space program and to grow excitement about science, technology, engineering and math among youngest individuals. And the mission succeeded in both of these aims, despite the fact that it didn’t land on the moon, Beresheet team members have said.

Morris Kahn decided to build a new Beresheet 2.0
Morris Kahn decided to build a new Beresheet 2.0

Indeed! Morris Kahn mentions that Bereshit’s competent global reach as the main reason to try again.

He again decided to build a new Beresheet 2.0 “in light of all the support that I’ve got from all over the world, and the wonderful messages of support, encouragement, and excitement that Kahn was said in the video that publish on Twitter by SpaceIL.

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