Japan beats IBM Summit and becomes the king of all supercomputers. Meet Fugaku, the brain from Fujitsu

Fujitsu finally beats IBM and helps develop Fugaku, the fastest supercomputer in the world!

Fugaku is a recently launched supercomputer which is based on the ARM-architecture of CPU design. According to the Japanese company Fujitsu, the machine is highly optimized for supercomputing tasks. The supercomputer can easily perform high duty technical and scientific simulations along with artificial intelligence applications. The device got its name from one of the most violent volcanic mountains in Japan, Mount Fuji.

The first few racks of Fugaku was first instantiated in RIKEN in December 2019. Right now the Japanese computer comprises 400 racks with 384 nodes. Fujitsu claims that their supercomputer is 100 times more powerful than the predecessor. All of these tests are the results of running RIKEN applications. The Japanese computer finally beats the number 1 supercomputer named IBM Summit.

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Fugaku supercomputer makes Japan the king of computation after beating IBM

Bagging the No. 1 spot in the Top 500 list of world’s fastest supercomputer at this week’s International Supercomputing Conference, Fugaku has successfully brought the crown of competition back to Japan after almost 9 years. The computer comprises 150,000 high-performance A64FX CPUs which are internally connected to a Tofu D high-speed network. This combination actually makes it huge and incredibly powerful. The A64FX CPUs are very energy efficient.

The CPUs adopt a high-performance memory stack named HBM2 (High Bandwidth Memory). The computer’s peak performance is greater than IBM Summit. In the highest mode, the computer provides 537 PetaFLOPS.

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Right now this powerful computer is busy providing solutions for the Coronavirus pandemic. Let us know what you think of this in the comments section below! Also, don’t forget to join us on our Telegram Channel for more such latest updates and discussions.

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