Keep your pet animals safe from the Coronavirus, a Pug becomes the first US Coronavirus case among dogs!


A family of 3 people and a pug lives in Noth Carolina. The pug is the first dog in the history of the United States to test positive for Coronavirus. The dog suffers from COVID-19 respiratory disease, the American Humane Society confirmed. But the dog is not the only case of COVID-19 in the household. All of the family members have the disease.

The pooch supposedly contracted the virus through one of them, because of the virus’s transmission methods. The daughter of the family, however, has not contracted the Coronavirus along with her second dog and cat. According to reports, this is not the first case of COVID-19 detected in a dog. Last month, health authorities from Hong Kong reported the first Coronavirus case in a dog.

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How does a dog get infected with Coronavirus?

Normally animals do not spread the disease to animals. But the human-to-animal transmission is not something uncommon, especially in COVID-19 related cases. Throughout last month many cats and tigers have reported testing positive for Coronavirus.

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Almost all of these positive cases are a result of human-animal transmission. So, the health authorities want you to keep your pets safe from any kind of spread of the COVID-19. Make sure you quarantine yourself in time to avoid infecting animals. Strictly keep your pets away from people or animals outside your household. If any other pets become sick, isolate them to prevent it from spreading to other animals.

Normally the reverse spreading does not occur, i.e. till now no individual reports to have caught the infection from an animal. Do not get over-anxious thinking about this, stay in your homes, and stay safe.

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