Kerala sees a rising case of COVID-19 patients, ICMR orders Blood Plasma Therapy for all!

blood plasma

Kerala, India. The nation is currently being ravaged by the Coronavirus pandemic especially in Kerala. Recently 20 people died of Coronavirus this Thursday in India. But this takes the total count up to 169. The Central government has had enough already. Now it is ready to take some strong steps. Recently Kerala ICMR just allowed all doctors to administer blood plasma treatment to all COVID-19 patients.

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This means all COVID-19 patients in critical conditions will receive convalescent plasma therapy. But this requires acquiring antibody-rich blood plasma from recovered Coronavirus patients. Convalescent blood plasma therapy is showing improvements in many countries.

Doctors in the US, China, and South Korea claim improvement in COVID-19 patients. But this therapy still has no proven medical record. The blood plasma therapy is among a list of other medical options our country is exploring.

Because there is hydroxychloroquine along with azithromycin, and anti-viral drugs. In some parts of the world, medicine with the name of EIDD-2801 is under clinical trials. It shows to reduce the amount of lung and heart damage during Coronavirus.

What is the new strategy for ICMR after blood plasma trials?

The Indian Council of Medical Research hs redefined a few testing strategies. Because the total number of Coronavirus hotspots are increasing day by day. Everyone showing common cold symptoms will be under test for COVID-19 now. Health authorities are already sensing a surge in the number of cases.

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This revised strategy for ICMR means every individual living in a hotspot with similar symptoms will be tested. But this does not include the asymptomatic carriers. But everyone will be receiving the test, and if someone comes out negative, an antibody test will be done after 14 days.

There are 5 categories of people under COVID-19 testing:

  1. All symptomatic individuals who had international travel history in the last 14 days.
  2. All symptomatic people in contact with confirmed cases.
  3. Symptomatic healthcare officials and workers.
  4. Anyone with current SARS illness.
  5. Any symptomatic direct or high-risk contact of a positive case.

This strategy aims at increasing the total number of tests performed per square-meter in our country. But the ICMR took a very important decision with this blood plasma therapy, and hopefully, it will help stop the virus. Stay safe as always!

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