Large scale testing is the only way to prevent the spread of Coronavirus, NIH director says they will complete testing full population by July 2020

Director Collins says, Worldwide, about 10 vaccine candidates are already in the first stages of testing

The United States of America is currently counting on its scientists to come up with a Coronavirus vaccine by the end of January 2021. But the director of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) is ready to carry out a master plan. Almost 4 or 5 vaccines are ready for full-scale testing and results to look promising. NIH Director Francis Collins is ready to begin mass population testing very soon.

The most important challenge at this point is to go over bounds, and almost everyone is ready to do so. But, such large scale phenomenons need to happen in a well-coordinated way. Or else the entire plan will fail. NIH along with a few other pharmaceutical companies is planning to take a huge risk that vaccine makers can follow.

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NIH: Mass testing of vaccines for Coronavirus

Director Francis Collins calls this a very bold action plan. This is a stretched version of the goal if there was ever one. But he is optimistic about the future. The sooner the vaccine is out the better it will be for the patients out there.

The vaccine is, however, not a product of quick results. No corners will be left in terms of safety for the patients. Scientists will be cautious about paying attention to all kinds of side effects, including death. Worldwide, about 10 vaccine candidates are already in the first stages of testing.

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The vaccines are currently in the testing phase and will soon be out for testing on a large scale. According to NIH the vaccines will help in mass testing and aims to vaccinate a large population by July 2020.

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