Mars Curiosity rover out on its summer road trip today as NASA receives Mars images

Mars Curiosity rover
NASA starts analyzing Mars surface today as Curiosity rover starts sending images

NASA Mars Curiosity rover is going to be the envy of road trip goers all around the universe. Space organization recently announced Curiosity’s “summer road trip” at Mount Sharp. At the trip’s end, the Mars Curiosity rover will be easily able to ascend to the second section of the 3-mile-tall Martian (5-kilometer-tall) mountain it’s been exploring since 2014, in order to search for conditions that may have supported ancient microbial life.

The sulfate-bearing unit is another very important area of interest now that Curiosity has finished exploring the clay-bearing unit. Sulfates, like gypsum and Epsom salts, usually form around water as it evaporates, and they are yet another clue to how the climate and prospects for life changed nearly 3 billion years ago. NASA is finally able to explore the Martian surface freely without any dependencies or any other problems.

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NASA Mars Curiosity Rover 2020 journey

Given everything goes well, the Mars rover will reach the sulfate region later this year, but only after working its way around a wide sandy patch. NASA is very well aware of all the dangers of Mars sand. This mainly after the NASA Spirit rover got stuck in a sand trap in 2009.

Curiosity needs to navigate through rough terrain on what will shake out to be about a mile-long road summer trip. The rover team plans the basic path, but Curiosity’s automated systems will look out for and respond to potential terrain obstacles as it travels.

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Curiosity is NASA’s only working rover on Mars right now, but the agency hopes to land its new Perseverance rover in February, assuming it launches on time in July or August. Then we’ll have even more Mars road trips to look forward to. Let us know what you have to say about the mars curiosity rover in the comments section below! Also, don’t forget to join us on our Telegram Channel for more such latest updates and discussions.

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