Marshall Uxbridge Voice packs a punch in sound! It comes with latest Amazon Alexa

Marshall has launched its latest product in sound technology. Marshall Uxbridge Voice is an unusually small speaker. To reference, it is just a little larger than the iPhone X6 Max. Integrated with Amazon Alexa, the speaker measures 5in X 6.8in X 4.8in. Though it weighs over 3 pounds (lb), it is still a portable speaker.

The max sound pressure level (SPL) is 96dB. It has an input voltage of 100-240 Volts, with a frequency band ranging from 54Hz – 20KHz. This proves the power-packed performance of the speaker.  Marshall claims that its new speaker, Uxbridge Voice, features an “advanced setup with high-end components” which result in “screaming highs,” “hard-hitting lows,” and “brilliantly balanced sound.” Even though it is hyped up marketing, still Marshall is known for its specialty with rock music. You can play around with your bass and treble levels directly using the speaker without needing an equalizer app.

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The speaker also supports Airplay2. This allows you to link with Amazon Echo speakers for a multi-room setup. Also, it is compatible with ‘Spotify Connect‘. Uxbridge Voice also has a far-field microphone array so that Alexa can recognize your voice if you’re cranking up the volume. It proves to be an interesting addition in the smart speaker collection.

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Portable options like UE Wonderboom are nice, they look good and all, but don’t have the smart assistant feature. Also, they are for a more calm leisure minded people. Rock music always finds peace with Marshall. Other Marshall speakers fare better when compared to this, then again they are HUGE. In terms of a mini version, Marshall Uxbridge Voice is the perfect speaker.

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