Microsoft flight simulator

Microsoft flight simulator came back after 13 years, what makes it different than other simulators?

Microsoft flight simulator
The new Microsoft Flight Simulator provides an extremely realistic flying experience in VR

The new Microsoft Flight Simulator is weeks away from the official release of August 18, 2020. Just like many other first-party applications from the company this too will launch on the Microsoft Store for Windows 10. However, the company has become a bit more supportive and considerate in terms of a few other marketplaces.

Microsoft has finally announced that the Flight Simulator will be available on Steam. It is not available at the moment but very soon it will come. People can go to the store and wishlist the game starting from today. Just like Xbox One, the game will be available in Standard, Deluxe, and Premium Deluxe on Steam from today.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator coming out soon on Steam

Flight simulators have been around for decades Microsoft Flight Simulatoritse of goes back to the late ’80s, but they have always existed as niche, independent products lacking the support, scale, or budget that a major platform holder could provide.

This simulator is very different from others mainly because of the features it provides. The sheer beauty of the game has been admired by millions, and now players with capable machines will be able to take it all in by means of virtual reality. This will be done so by means of a collaboration between Microsoft, Xbox One, and Valve and in partnership with HP with the Reverb G2 headset. A VR update is planned for Flight SimulatorΒ in the fall, which is the same season the Reverb G2 will also release in.

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Also confirmed is TrackIR support, which is another layer of immersion, and precision now added to the sim experience something that is missing in many other simulators games. The company capped off its lists of good news with the confirmation that we can expect Microsoft Flight Simulator to be an ever-changing experience. As mentioned earlier, the game will be getting a VR update in the Fall.

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