Microsoft prioritizes cloud services for first responders


Microsoft is prioritizing access to emergency services, first responders and Azure-based cloud services for critical infrastructure, in case of capacity constraints. The tech giant some team difficulties last week, when nearly 40% surge occurred as businesses turned towards remote work during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Microsoft is actively keeping tabs on its network limitations 24/7 to ensure hassle-free services. If it still does not resolve, Microsoft has come up with priority plans. As service demands continuously grow, they can be faced with capacity constraints in any region. In such a scenario, the software giant has established criteria for prioritizing new cloud capacity.

Microsoft has also joined hands with governments worldwide to ensure local data centers are able to provide cloud services optimally. The software giant is also prepared to deliver free offers for cloud services “to ensure the support of existing customers.”

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Microsoft plans to give topmost priority to critical infrastructure, so as to provide the remote workers hassle-free service. Performance readings are suggestive of a positive outcome. The tech giant assures people of providing top-notch service at such a tragic time. Microsoft will hope to provide services smoothly so as to ensure work carries on even under such uneventful circumstances.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella acknowledges that we are in unknown territory with respect to the Coronavirus. The virus knows no borders, and its cure will be borderless.

A positive outcome would be to focus on what we can do every day as an individual, that will make a difference.

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