Aliens are out there! NASA and ESA start finding them on Mars using latest AI technology by 2023

Aliens are present in our universe, and NASA launches a new AI system to help detect them.

NASA is currently busy training an Artificial Intelligence system which aids scientists in their quest to search for signs of ancient life and aliens on Mars and other planets. The European Space Agency (ESA) invented the ‘ExoMars‘ rover which will be the first AI system to visit another planet. ExoMars leaves for the Red Planet in 2022. Scientists have already found signs of alien life living in other planets in our universe.

The newly designed AI system will be able to filter important life data on its own. Therefore, it will not send everything back to the work station in our planet. The filtered necessary data will be only sent back to Earth. This will help overcome the limitation of sending huge information over a large distance.

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NASA tries to find Aliens using AI on ExoMars

The system will first conduct testing on the surface of Mars but it has the provision to do the same in the icy moons of Jupiter and Saturn. In those planets, distance becomes one of the biggest factors. Over time we will move over a few of the important notions about space. Because not only humans are connected to everything in space, but also computers and a few other intelligent systems like AI.

Any and all information about the aliens will come from the Mars Organic Molecule Analyser also known as MOMA, which will be landing on Mars along with the ExoMars from ESA. The ExoMars Rosalind Franklin Rover will start exploring the Red Planet from 2023.

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MOMA is basically a mass spectrometer-based instrument that is capable of analyzing and identifying organic molecules within rocks samples. NASA is also sending an AI-powered robot to one of the moons of Jupiter, Europa in order to find aliens in those oceans. Hopefully, one of these missions will help give us something positive.

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