NASA and SpaceX will take you to space in your holidays as they get ready to commercialize space after the recent success

SpaceX takes a big step towards commercializing space after the success of “Launch America” last May!

SpaceX is currently enjoying a lot of success with recent achievements. The launch of 60 new satellites in the Starlink constellation was a pretty big success for the company. But none of them are even close to the big “Launch America” event. The Demo-2 mission opened new doors for space missions all around the world. But most importantly it helped make progress for NASA’s ongoing mission.

The NASA Commercial Crew Programme funded way back in 2011 by thenPresident Barrack Obama is a big achievement for the space industry. SpaceX recently launched the Falcon-9 aircraft to carry the two astronauts on board the Crew Dragon capsule to the ISS. The entire mission was a success from the liftoff to the landing. The Falcon-9 was the first aircraft to return back and land on top of a submarine.

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NASA and SpaceX begin space commercialization

The recent mission involving the “Launch America” event was a huge success that used a commercial aircraft to send two astronauts to the ISS. The entire Demo-2 mission was to initiate the Commercial Crew Programme for 2020. The future is going to be really a part of a sci-fi set from now on. Commercializing the space is a big deal in itself.

People can now fly to space stations and even other planets in the future on holidays. But this does not end with space travels for all of you. In the near future movie, sets might as well be shot in outer space. SpaceX is surrounded by a rumor which says the next mission impossible movie will happen in space. This is not a piece of official news but given the confidence of Tom Cruise, it is still a possibility.

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For now, you can be sure to enjoy space travel in a few year’s time. Let us know what you think of this in the comments section below! However, don’t forget to join us on our Telegram Channel for more such latest updates and discussions.

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