NASA Artemis Mission got delayed Due to Coronavirus!



As we all know the fact that the Coronavirus (COVID-19) targets our respiratory system. In which, air plays a vital role in our breathing. There are no drastic symptoms at the initial stage of this infection. So avoiding crowded places and huge gatherings can reduce the spreading of this disease. COVID-19 is zoonotic, which is transmitted from animals to humans. The symptoms of this disease are pneumonia, shortness of breath, cough, fever, severe acute respiratory syndrome and all breath related difficulties.

NASA sees Artemis as the next step towards the long-term goal of establishing a sustainable presence on the Moon. It plans on laying the foundation for private companies to build a Lunar economy. It prepares itself for sending humans to Mars.

The Space Launch System(SLS) is a US heavy-lift expendable launch vehicle. which will be used in this mission as a space vehicle. It is known that they have invested 35 billion dollars for this mission.

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Since NASA is all about space research and flying. The opportunity of getting infected by COVId-19 is high, comparing to other professionals. Because of their long-term exposure in the outer air and traveling. This causes them to interact with huge gatherings. The accidental physical contact, cough droplets may infect a healthy person. Despite NASA’s hard work and investment in this mission. The US government understands the difficulty in the current situation due to this pandemic disease.

The Reason Behind The Delay

NASA’s main reason for postponing this mission is to avoid interaction with its foreign partners. who are involved in this mission, So that, they can avoid transmission of disease? The international partners such as the European Space Agency, Canadian Space Agency, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, Australian Space Agency are all involved in this mission.

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We all know the number of victims affected by this disease varies from country to country. so postponing this mission and avoiding foreign invaders and contacts are a wise choice. This disease is transmitted even if we touch the place where the infected person touched earlier. Since it is a viral disease the chances of getting the infection are higher.

The Generosity of The NASA

The Americans are petrified to come out of their houses due to this deadly disease. The manufacturing industries are totally shut down, the food production is stopped, people are started to avoid one another in order to avoid infection. So this may be one of the reasons for NASA  to postpone its a mission in favor of its workers.

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