NASA Astronaut now shows how lightning is seen from the space

You can now see how the lighting looks from space as NASA Astronaut sends a tweet from space

Lightning strikes may be a very common sight for many of us on this planet however, NASA Astronaut Bob Behnken has something unique to show you. We have all had the opportunity to see lightning strikes on the surface sometimes maybe even upfront. However, we never had the opportunity to see such a mesmerizing beauty from the viewpoint of our galaxy.

The ISS Astronaut who went to space as a part of the “Launch America” event has shared one of the most interesting space occurrences on twitter today has shared one of the most interesting space occurrences on twitter today. The astronaut shared a mesmerizing view of the “lightning from heavens” in his twitter handle leaving viewers amazed for a while.

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NASA Astronaut shows Lightning strikes from space

Bob Behnken shared an amazing clip that shows a dark cloud hovering over the surface of Earth as seen from the space station. The video is taken from almost 400km above Earth, and the clip shows violet flashes of lightning which keep illuminating the clouds with a purplish essence at regular intervals.

One of the most interesting facts is proven again in this video. Lightning and thunder occur at the same time, however, because light travels faster than the speed of sound, lightning may be observed sooner than thunder is heard.

The video is garnering thousands of likes and comments as people praise Bob Behnken for sharing such a mesmerizing sight with every human on Earth. However, this is not the first time he has shared something this beautiful in his twitter handle. Previously the astronaut shared a beautiful image of the. NASA is planning to bring back the two astronauts from ISS by August in order to successfully complete the Demo-2 mission and launch further Crew Program missions by the end of the year.

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