NASA claims the Moon will in a line with Saturn, Jupiter, and Mars. Find out When!


Astronomical symmetry is always a good sight to watch out for. Stargazers spend years to find an astronomical event this big. Starting today is the spatial alignment of the Moon in the same line of Mars, Saturn, and Jupiter.

The Coronavirus lockdown gives you the leisure time to watch this celestial event in the night sky. The level of pollution has fallen to a large extent. Everyone can inhale fresh air and after ages, stars can be seen in the night sky with your naked eye. This is a perfect time to take a look out of the beautiful night skies. Watch stars and other celestial bodies without the need for a telescope. As of late, the recent Pink Super Moon graced the night sky.

3 planets, i.e. Mars, Saturn, and Jupiter will be adjacent to Earth’s moon for 3 consecutive days and it will be the last time you see such a site for ages to come.

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When can you see the Moon align?

You would not have any desire to miss another major divine occasion soon. From April 14 to 16, Mars, Saturn, and Jupiter will show up together. They are commonly referred to as “morning planets” and can be handily spotted through our eyes. The three planets will agree with one another, visited by the moon. Watch out for the twilight and you could possibly have the option to recognize the planets close to it.

The arrangements are simply a question of viewpoint. The moon is around 2,43,000 miles from Earth, Saturn is most distant with the separation of 936 million miles, Jupiter is 473 million miles and Mars is nearest at 125 million miles.

The three planets were seen together pretty much throughout March, but in April, Mars will move further away from the other two vaporous planets. Seeing the three planets together beside the moon will without a doubt, be a treat to watch and they will be anything but difficult to spot.

Let’s say that you can’t get a glimpse of this site, you can still use some stargazing applications to see them in the night sky. NASA claims these planets would meet up until mid-2022.

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This alignment will be seen at 4.35 am IST, 2.48 pm IST and 10.03 am IST on April 14, 15 and 16.

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