NASA Countdown began for the Mars 2020 mission as they prepare to launch the Perseverance rover on July 20!

NASA has only one more month for the preparation of the successful launch of Perseverance rover

NASA is currently preparing for the Mars 2020 mission to launch the all-new Perseverance rover into the red planet. The US-based space agency is not considering the possibility of delay or defeat as of now. The space organization is about to finish the Mars mission which is a part of the project pipeline for almost 8 years now. One of the challenges is the use of a parachute to land the rover on the surface of Mars.

Even though the distance between Earth and Mars is 34 million miles, from general perception. However, the reality is not the same. This is because the orbits of both the planets shift continuously. So, 34 million miles is the closest distance between the two planets. Farthest apart, they are 250 million miles away from each other.

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NASA prepares for launching Perseverance rover this July

Back in December 2012, when Mars 2020 was first announced, NASA knew that it would only have a launch opportunity every 26 months. That gave it a very slim window in which to blast off. The window runs between July 20 and August 11, 2020. This means the space agency has no change for redoing whatsoever. In case of any problems, the Perseverance rover will have to wait until September 2022 before its next attempt.

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Planning ahead that way gives NASA’s teams a better idea of what sort of lighting and temperature conditions there’ll be on Mars when Perseverance starts its difficult descent under a complex parachute system. However, there are some things NASA couldn’t foresee beforehand. This includes the COVID-19 outbreak and the global pandemic going on right now.

As soon as NASA reaches Mars, there won’t be much time to celebrate. Perseverance has numerous scientific tasks ahead of it, but one of the most important is prospecting for potential natural resources on the distant planet. Let us know what you have to say about this in the comments section below! Also, do not forget to join us on our Telegram Channel for instant updates of the science and tech world.

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