NASA, ESA, and Japan collaborate to form an Earth Observatory during COVID-19 pandemic

The Earth Observation dashboard helps check the current stats about the environmental conditions of the planet

The ongoing Coronavirus pandemic has changed the weather as well as climatic conditions all over the world. NASA is currently keeping tabs on all such global changes along with JAXA and ESA. The organizations got together to launch the Earth Observation Dashboard during the pandemic. The entire module monitors near about 30 environmental indicators, 17 economic signals, and 3 agricultural indices.

However, people can expect one little thing from the disastrous pandemic. The world is coming back to normal in the few parts. The dashboard combines data collected by Earth observation satellites operated by each of the agencies, which monitor photographic, air quality, temperature, climate, and other indicators.

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NASA and ESA collaborate with Japan to launch Earth Observatory

The levels of nitrogen dioxide which are an indicator of pollution from cars and industry sees an immediate reaction of the lockdown dropping around 50% in parts of Europe in April. Josef Aschbacher, ESA’s director of Earth observations says similar drops were seen at different times in the United States and China.

However, those pollution levels are rising again because cars are back on the road and industry has started up in Europe. Pollution levels are still going down in South America and it may be heading down further due to a virus rebound in China.

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Director of NASA Earth Observation Programmes Josef Aschbacher said that the agencies are already considering whether to extend the dashboard beyond the scope of COVID-19 since it could be useful in addressing any number of global-scale problems that everyone collectively faces.

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