NASA finds signs for alien life! Scientists say they “know where to look” for the aliens

NASA confirms the presence of alien life in our universe as scientists from Harvard say they know where to look!

NASA is going to fund the Center of Astrophysics at Harvard and Smithsonian University in order to focus on the presence of extraterrestrial life. This is a result of a study by scientists who claim they know where to look for aliens. However, the search conducted by these scientists primarily focuses on finding evidence of solar panels and chemical pollution in our universe. The US-based space organization will aid in this search in order to find alien lifeforms. NASA just confirmed the presence of 6 billion Earth-like planets in our Milky Way Galaxy.

NASA wants the scientists to observe technosignatures all across the universe. These are basically evidence of present or past technology which are an indication of life. However, these signs need not be recent as many technologies can aid in dating these signs.

NASA plans to find alien with help from CFA scientists

Technosignatures relate to signatures of advanced alien technologies similar to, or perhaps more sophisticated than, what we possess, says Avi Loeb and Frank B. Baird Jr. Professor of Science at Harvard. Such signatures might include industrial pollution of atmospheres, megastructures, city lights, photovoltaic cells (solar panels), or swarms of satellites.

Energy and chemical gases both represent key and identifiable ways that humanity has changed the Earth. So it is possible for any alien civilization to do the same.

It is likely that other civilizations would look to harness the energy of the sun. As they look for new ways to power their technology. If that was done in the form of solar panels, we might be able to see reflections being sent through the universe. Recently NASA announced its plans to launch the perseverance rover in order to look for aliens on Mars.

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