NASA gets ready to go back to the moon, names companies to help build human landers for Artemis!


NASA is currently planning its way back to the Moon. Its next lunar mission, Artemis will include human lunar landers. However, these landers will help them land on the surface of the moon after being launched from the spacecraft. This is the first time such an event is occurring after 1972. NASA has finally decided on the 3 companies that will help them achieve this. The companies were chosen from a wide range of competitors.

NASA chose SpaceX, Blue Origin, and Dynetics according to its official website. These companies will help build human landers that will carry the first woman and next man to the Moon by 2024.

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How will these companies help NASA reach the moon?

SpaceX just finished work on its brand new Starship. But this will be launched using SpaceX’s Super Heavy Rocket. Starship is capable of working on manned missions to orbit, to Mars, and to Moon. The Super Heavy Rocket is also currently under the development phase. It will basically act as a propelling booster that will push the heavy mass Starship to space with a full payload. Starship is also an aircraft that makes it easier to help refuel in the Earth orbit.

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Blue Origin will be sending its new lander, Blue Moon to Moon. It is of more traditional design as far as dedicated landers are concerned. Blue Moon will be ready for launch using both, Blue Origin’s own New Glenn Rocket as well as ULA’s Vulcan.

Dynetics, a Leidos (formerly SAIC) subsidiary, was founded way backing 1969. Since then this organization has been at the frontline with expertise in space and defense. The company is building the Dynetics Human Landing System which includes a lander with an agent. This lander will go aboard the ULA Vulcan launch system on its way to Moon.

Dynetics is also working with many subcontractors, including Sierra Nevada Corp. Let us know what you think of this mission by NASA in the comments section below.

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