NASA helps in the live installation of the Japanese Space Cargo, after a long journey, JAXA cargo spacecraft arrived at the ISS today and was successfully installed

NASA helps JAXA install the Space Cargo successfully onboard the ISS Harmony Module

The International Space Station (ISS) now has 4 spacecraft parked in the docks. These include the Russian Progress 74 and 75 ships, the Soyuz MS-16 crew ship, and the newly installed HTV-9 resupply ship from JAXA. However, the successful installation of the Japanese cargo was all thanks to NASA and Houston Space Center.

The autonomous aircraft was successfully installed at the ISS’s Harmony module at 10:46 A.M. EDT. The space cargo will remain on the station for almost 2 months. The entire operation was led by NASA Expedition 63 Commander Chris Cassidy and Roscosmos Flight Engineer Ivan Vagner. Even though the spacecraft weighs around 12-ton, the Canadarm 2 robot easily grabbed the station’s cupola.

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NASA helps install Space Cargo in Harmony Module

The 12-ton spacecraft has a cargo load of almost 4-tons. The cargo holds a new live streaming educational tool, microscope, and even a powerful telescope. However these are not the only tools aboard the JAXA aircraft. The unpiloted Transport Vehicle H-II-9 (HTV-9) also contains the space probe from Asteroid Ryugu. The docking at the International Space Station will mean more time to determine analytical results about the space rock.

NASA helped cover the entire expedition and provided a live video feed for people watching from Earth.

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The unique microgravity laboratory has been the house to almost 2,800 research in the last 20 years.

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Researchers from almost 108 countries have visited the space station to conduct research. The latest installation of the Japanese cargo spacecraft will prove helpful for the nation’s further research developments. Let us know what you think about such space explorations in the comments section below!

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