NASA introduces a set of guidelines for the Exploration of Moon! Plans to land the first woman on moon by 2024

It’s a new dawn for space exploration! Today the Artemis Accords agreements establish a shared vision and set of principles for all international partners that join in humanity’s return to the Moon.

Moon exploration missions have always been a part of space missions all around the world. But analyzing the various mission reports one can find loopholes that harm the surroundings of the space. Coordination between a state body and a private organization is of the utmost importance in order to successfully complete a mission. To ensure the presence of humanity on Moon, NASA has come up with the new “Artemis Accords“.

The Artemis Accords of NASA will help establish a common set of guidelines that will show the path towards the civil exploration of outer space. Jim Bridenstine, the agency administrator, says it will work as a groundwork for collaborating with foreign government bodies and private organizations. However, it will also help the potential partners be aware of the risk involved in the program. As of now, NASA has a list prepared for companies that help in the Artemis 2024 mission.

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NASA: Artemis mission 2024

The Artemis mission will see humans return to the moon after a long break. Moreover, the new lunar mission will help land the 1st woman on Moon. There is another essential purpose for the Artemis Accords. The space agency wants to see other space organizations go to the moon. Joining with NASA, many organizations can keep up with the ongoing space race.

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But in order to work together, these organizations need to maintain the stringent policies set in place by the accord. The Accord also clarifies about personalizing any galactic entity. It clearly states that the Moon or any other celestial bodies are not a subject of the national claim or organizational claim. You can read the entire Artemis accord treaty on the official website.

No one can claim the space objects as their own. This is a very important clause in the lights of recent events. Let us know what you think of this treaty in the comments section below!

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