From rose and jasmine to the beautiful space! NASA launched new fragrance in perfumes

NASA reveals ‘Eau De Space’ for everyone in the world! Smell like space when you go out now

Normally fragrances and perfumes are available in forms of several things found in our nature. Throughout history, we have seen perfumes of fire too. However, NASA upped the game a little too much. It’s no more about rose or jasmine or other herbs for fragrance. For the ones who love luxury, Omega Ingredients brings to you a heavenly surprise, literally.

Smell like heaven when you apply ‘Eau De Space’, a new NASA-designed perfume that gives you the fragrance of space. Crowdfunding was recently launched for a scent on Kickstarter which gets the astronauts accustomed to the scent of space beforehand. The Kickstarter claims that the company perfected the formula decades ago in order to train and prepare astronauts for the outer space.

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NASA helps deliver the space of fragrance to your home

The company is currently trying to share the fragrance and experience with the rest of the world. The official website reveals that the perfume is verified by the astronauts themselves. Peggy Whitson, an astronaut and a former member of the ISS described the smell of space for people in the year 2002.

Space smells like gun powder and burnt steak altogether. The fragrance is a product of Omega Ingredients and is developed by Steve Pearce. NASA originally contacted Pearce to recreate the fragrance of space in 2008, but it took almost 4 years in order to develop the same. However, the end result is great and serves to be the authentic space experience just like he claims.

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There is a rumor going on around the company. Just like the launch of Eau De Space, Omega Ingredients might also consider releasing a fragrance similar to that of the Smell of Moon.

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