Are you ready for space this July as NASA launches 3 important missions

NASA is getting ready for 3 very interesting scientific missions in July 2020

This month NASA, the national space organization of the United States, is ready for very important missions of Mars. Almost 3 missions are poised to launch toward the Red Planet this month, which includes the car-sized Perseverance rover that will hunt for signs of ancient Mars life and cache samples for a future return to Earth. The other mission is the Emirates Hope Orbiter mission.

The Hope orbiter will reach Mars in early 2021, then use three science instruments to study the Red Planet’s atmosphere, weather, and climate from above. The probe’s observations should help researchers better understand Mars’ long-ago transition from a relatively warm and wet world to the cold, desert planet we know today.

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NASA to launch 3 missions this July

The Perseverance rover will use its seven onboard instruments to characterize the geology of Jezero and search for signs of ancient Mars life in the rocks of the 28-mile-wide (45 kilometers) crater, which hosted a lake and a river delta billions of years ago.

The six-wheeled robot will also collect and cache several dozen samples from, particularly promising study sites. This material will be recovered and brought to Earth, perhaps as early as 2031, in a campaign conducted by NASA and the European Space Agency.

The other missions include the Curiosity rover launch to the surface of Mars and the TIANWEN-1 mission of China along with the Hope Orbiter Mission of Egypt. Overall this month is action-packed for NASA with so many interesting missions coming up for all of the worlds.

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