NASA is offering you $35000 to design a toilet for their next 2024 Artemis Human moon mission

NASA launches the Lunar Loo Challenge, help the astronauts on the moon by designing toilets for Artemis

NASA is currently busy crowdsourcing human waste disposal concepts for maintaining the health standards of the astronauts. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration has come up with a new plan in order to make the moon mission of 2024 a success. But rather than planting a flag and playing a round of golf, there is a much more important point of concern. For humans to settle on the moon in order to go somewhere in space people need to experience many things in a reduced gravity format.

This includes a reduced gravity experience while using the loo. Therefore, to help humans go where no one has been before NASA needs your help. The space organization recently launched the “Lunar Loo Challenge” which needs you to design a toilet for the astronauts going to Moon.

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NASA Lunar Loo Challenge: Artemis Mission 2024

Space toilets are not a new concept now for the space organization. Though the space toilets already exist they only work in microgravity (weightlessness) conditions. They are also not the most efficient or appealing for use. Therefore, the company is seeking help from everyone in the world in order to come up with a solution.

The requirements for making a winning design is pretty normal if you expect one from a moon toilet. The toilet must be working in both lunar as well as microgravity conditions along with specific size, power efficiency, and noise level restrictions. It must also be able to accommodate both men and women. The final design must be able to dispose of bodily wastes, female menses, and other toilet hygiene products.

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There needs to be a valve that helps astronauts vomit without putting their heads inside the equipment. A suction pipe might help do the trick. If you can help design the best loo, you will stand a chance to win $35,000 from NASA. Go to the official site to register for the challenge. The challenge is open to all.

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