NASA Perseverance rover successfully starts 309 million-mile trip with 10.9 Million people’s names to mars!

The Perseverance rover launched today at 5:20 PM IST from the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, in Florida

NASA perseverance rover is off to Mars as the Ingenuity helicopter finally starts a journey to the red planet. The ULA Atlas V spacecraft is carrying the rover and the helicopter from Cape Canaveral at 7:50 AM EDT. Alex Mather and Vaneeza Rupani named the rover and the mars chopper respectively. The Ingenuity chopper is going to be the first interplanetary helicopter that is going to visit the Red Planet by the middle of February 2021.

NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) has been working on landing and operating robotic probes and other rovers on the Red Planet. The planetary exploration is a different story, however. NASA aeronautical innovators came in to help the JPL team learn about all kinds of rotor dynamics.

The Ames Researcher Center in California has been able to solve all sorts of problems related to flying a helicopter on a surface that has no familiar features to that of Earth. The Ingenuity chopper has been tested on Earth, however, it is a completely different situation on Mars. The main problems that will arise are due to the different values of specific gravity and gravitational field intensity which affects the drive and flying form of any chopper.

Wayne Johnson, the senior researcher of rotorcraft aeromechanics at NASA is keeping check of the flying issues of Ingenuity while the core team of JPL will lookout for any issues with the main rover itself.

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NASA Perseverance rover successfully launched for Mars

The Perseverance rover was launched today at 5:20 PM IST from the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, in Florida. The main aim of this rover is to search for the presence of alien life on Mars while it collects soil and other rocky particles and sends it back to earth in order to analyze and confirm any findings. This will also help understand the soil characteristics of this planet.

The mission is associated to be at least one Mars year which is equivalent to 687 days on Earth. The ULA Atlas V rocket will reach on Mars by February 18, 2021, along with the Perseverance rover which is strapped to it. The rover is going to cover almost 309 million miles in this journey when it will finally land on the Jezero Crater on the Red Planet.

This is going to be the third launch to Mars after China’s rover-orbiter combo and a Hope orbiter that UAE sent to Mars. Researchers say that it is not possible to predict if life was present on the planet at some point but findings suggest that at some point in time the Red Planet was definitely habitable.

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The Perseverance rover will be able to run for 14 years using the nuclear power reactor which runs with plutonium. Coronavirus has put a real damper on things at the control center as manpower is kept at a strict minimum. Communication link acquired by this spacecraft is safe and secure and the vehicle is moving towards Mars at full speed.

The communication links are constantly being checked between the Perseverance rover and the Deep Space Network (DNS). The link will help check on the rover from our planet. Moreover, this vehicle will carry the first spacesuit material to Mars which will be later used by astronauts to go for human missions. SHERLOC’s calibration will help identify alien life on a different planet and will actually help understand the nature of the foreign world.

NASA’s “Send Your Name to Mars” campaign invited people around the world to submit their names to ride aboard the agency’s next rover to the Red Planet. Some 10.9 Million people did just that. The names were stenciled by electron beam onto three fingernail-sized silicon chips, along with the essays of the 155 finalists in NASA’s “Name the Rover” contest. Finally, the Mars helicopter and Perseverance rover will reach there by 2021.

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