NASA prepares for the 2024 Moon mission, the Artemis program! Appoints Kathy Lueders as the First Female leader for Human Explorations Program

Kathryn Lueders becomes the first woman to lead the Human Exploration missions for the upcoming NASA Artemis in 2024

Kathryn Lueders has been one of the most dedicated space scientists in NASA since 1992. After 30 years of contribution to NASA, she has now become the first woman to head the Human Explorations Mission. She is the mastermind behind the success of the recent “Launch America” mission on May 27, 2020. However, it is not the only contribution from the first lady director in space history.

NASA head administratorJim Bridenstine, made the statement official on his Twitter account. Moreover, the company released a blog press-release acknowledging her position as the head of human explorations. This is the right step for the upcoming NASA’s Moon mission and Artemis 2024.

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NASA appoints first female Human explorations lead

Even though it may be officially the first case in the space organization, the company knew about this for a long time now. The conjoined mission with SpaceX to launch the two astronauts to space and then guide the launch to ISS was the stepping stone in her career. A new journey begins for her career now. Kathryn Lueders will now be working extensively to launch the first woman into the moon by 2024.

Right now the entire team is working to test the SLS Rockets and Orion capsules which will finally carry them to space. Many other researchers are working with her for the upcoming mission. She was the designated project manager for the NASA Commercial Crew Program.

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According to all her previous feats, NASA can expect a lot of surprises in the coming future. Kathryn was also part of the ISS Program Transportation Integration where she took charge of cargo deployment.

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