Good News: NASA Says Rare NEOWISE Comet will be visible for the entire July in India

See the brightest NEOWISE comet throughout July and August 2020 in UAE and India

Comet Neowise is the biggest space rock to have been flowing in our universe for decades. After almost two promising comets discovered in early 2020, Swan and Atlas, the fizzled out and faded away.

However, the recent C/2020 F3 (NEOWISE) seems filled to deliver. Last week this space rock passed through a critical point. The comet survived its closes brush against our planet on July 3 without breaking down from the heat due to increased air resistance.

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ISS Astronaut Bob Behnken termed the event as fireworks in space. Over the weekend, a number of amateur astrophotographers started sharing the stunning images of NEOWISE captured as it appeared just above the horizon in predawn skies. There is good news for a few nations where the rock will be visible for a long time.

NASA says NEOWISE comet will be visible in India throughout July 2020

As the space rock, Neowise begins to move farther away from the sun and closer to Earth. Thus, it will shift from being visible just before dawn into the evening sky.

According to NASA solar system ambassador Eddie Irizarry, it should remain visible just before and around the time of first light until July 11. The Neowise comet will then dip below the horizon as it transitions from being an early riser to a cocktail hour sensation, hopefully. It will start to be visible again in the evening from around July 15-16.

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It should be a little easier to see during the second half of July when it’s a little higher in the sky. Until that point, it’ll be closer to the northeastern horizon. Countries like India and UAE will be able to see the comet in the sky throughout the month of July.

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