NASA warns about geomagnetic storms in Jupiter as Space Station Juno analyzes the climate of the planet from a distance of only 64,000 km!

NASA uses Space Station Juno to study the climatic conditions of Jupiter for its next mission

Jupiter is a giant ball of gas, that showcases strange atmospheric patterns in the whole solar system. The main problem behind these rough climatic conditions is the core of the planet which is made of hydrogen, ammonia, and helium. However, it is important to note the fact that Jupiter is the fastest spinning planet in our solar system. This means it will experience a lot of turbulence along with many geomagnetic storms. NASA has been studying the climatic conditions of Jupiter for a long time now. But the space station “Juno” came very close to the planet while studying its environments.

This was risky for the space organization because the space station was only at a distance of 64,000km from the planet while analyzing it. Juno is orbiting the planet for a few years now because scientists believe it will explain about the climatic conditions of the planet. This will actually make it easier for future space travel.

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NASA Juno: A climatic survey for Jupiter

NASA’s space station, Juno, has been orbiting the planet to keep a close eye on the climatic behaviors of Jupiter. The Juno mission will soon take into account 2 telescopes from the Hubble Space Telescope and a ground unit from Gemini Telescope. Researchers want to understand the climatic conditions of the gas giant. This will help NASA plan well for its future Jupiter mission.

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The Jet Propulsion Laboratory of NASA, has successfully retrieved a few images of the planet which Juno captured. These images show the bands of storms which occur often under the Jupiter clouds. The turbulent weather of the planet makes it difficult to plan any manned mission to the surface of Jupiter. However, analyzing the data will lead to a plan consisting of a safe route soon. Let us know what you think about the mission of Juno in the comments section below!

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