NASA will now help you to go to space and perform research as a part of their commercial crew program 2020!

NASA will now allow all researchers to go to space if needed as a part of the upcoming Suborbital Mission

NASA is going to allow astronauts, researchers, and other personnel to go to space for official or research purposes. This will be a part of the upcoming commercial crew program 2020. Finally, this will allow people to conduct experiments and researches aboard the human spacecraft. This program includes potential vehicles like Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo. The agency isn’t naming any individual providers yet.

However, since the announcement of this program, it is also accompanied by an official Request for Information (RFI). This seeks industry input to pave the way for a fully sketched out plan. This also includes contracting with suppliers. Suborbital missions were not a part of NASA’s plan for the American spaceflight programs. However, NASA is finally starting off the new suborbital missions as a part of the Commercial Crew Program of 2020.

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NASA Suborbital Mission for Commercial Crew Program

NASA has shifted considerably its approach to public-private partnerships when it comes to space. However, including the development, and the demonstration, success of the Commercial Crew Program, taps into the private partners like SpaceX and Boeing to fly NASA astronauts to orbital space. NASA will also take you to the International Space Station in particular.

It is notable that no NASA funds were used for the development of suborbital vehicles, but ventures can participate in the market as a buyer. The U.S. aerospace industry is proving again that it is technically and financially capable of developing safe, reliable, and cost-effective space systems.

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