New Coronavirus Antibody tests will help detect infection faster, 5000 first responders in Arizona will receive it tomorrow!


The Coronavirus testing procedures are constantly changing due to the unpredictability of the disease. The United Phoenix Fire Fighting Association along with Phoenix Law Enforcement Association (PLEA) started collecting COVID-19 test kits from 3 separate locations near the Phoenix metro area, Arizona.

But this would both have been possible without help from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona. The BCBS along with Phoenix Sun Charities donated a total of $80,000. This money lets them buy almost 5,000 Coronavirus antibody test kits.

The new antibody tests are specifically for first responders who were in direct contact with COVID-19 cases. These individuals have developed antibodies, even if they did not experience any symptoms. The corresponding test reports will help understand the medical condition of these first responders. It will also shed light on how much of the virus they can spread.

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Coronavirus Antibody test in Arizona

Firefighting officials and police personnel always protect our community. In return, they are the ones who are exposed the most to the Coronavirus pandemic. The new COVID-19 antibody tests will give the first responders peace of mind. This will help them do their duty with full efficiency and help Arizonians better.

Results of these new testing kits are available in minutes. These new test kits also found a new study to prove. Reports show that Nasal Cells are extremely prone to Coronavirus. Sarah Krahenbuhl, executive Director of Phoenix Suns Charities, speaks of having a long-standing history with the first responders of Arizona. These are the lines that risk their lives to save us every day.

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Currently, you will find all the details about this new proposed technology on the official website. However, these test kits will not fall into the hands of the general public because of less availability. But as soon as the production increases entire Arizona may have such test kits.

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