New stem cells discovered that can generate your bone!

new stem cell

Resident stem cells have the capabilities to refill the osteoblasts (mature cells) and also repairing of the human skeleton. Based on the recent knowledge, we know that the stem cells lie within the bone or within the bone marrow. Further few researches have stated its existence within a network of vascular channels. However, its existence within these channels has not been proved.

Advance stem cell research

The land breaking study was conducted by researchers from the UConn School of Dental Medicine. Furthermore, the research work has been published in the journal Stem Cells. They show the existence of stem cells with vascular channels, which is within the cortical bone. They also show regenerative properties by connecting the inner and outer parts of the bone. The research states the self-renewing feature of these stem cells.

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Dr. I. Kalajzic, the Lead Investigator, said, “This is a discovery of perivascular cells residing within the bone itself that can generate new bone-forming cells.” According to him, these cells play a vital role in bone formation along with its repair.

Bone remodeling model using stem cells

This is the first-ever study reporting the presence of progenitor cells in the cortical bone. This, in turn, generates new osteoblasts that result in new bone formation. An ex vivo bone transplantation model is put into use for researching on it. The model study showed the migration of cells out of the transplant. The cells later were involved in the reconstruction of the cavity of the bone marrow, thus resulting in new bone formation.  This can lead to remodeling of the bone by the formation of new bones, maintenance of bone mass and its repair. Further study is still needed on this for the determination of the true potential of these cells, and their role in new bone formation and resorption.

Regenerative Medicine Research Fund and the Regenerative Medicine Research Fund are the major funding agencies of this research.

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