New Zealand is now lifting lockdown completely as country sees Zero new Coronavirus case from 10 days!

People can finally go back to work as offices and schools reopen in New Zealand as studies show zero new Coronavirus cases for 10 days!

The Coronavirus is spreading all across the world, but New Zealand seems to be dealing well with it. The country has recently seen no new cases of Coronavirus for the last 10 days. In fact, the country only has 1 active COVID-19 case as of now. According to the official report from the Health Ministry, the number of probable and confirmed COVID-19 cases are still 1504. The total death count stands at 22, one of the lowest figures all around the world.

All of this was possible due to the government’s strict lockdown policies. The lockdown measures included the closing of all international borders along with full quarantine all across the country. The health authorities followed this up with rigorous testing and treatment in order to facilitate aggressive contact tracing.

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New Zealand free from Coronavirus

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern takes good care of the country while handling her baby at the same time. She is the true figure of empowerment in the world. She is currently celebrating a string of successes in the combat against Coronavirus. Even though the country has successfully eliminated the community, the battle is far from over. They must remain vigilant in order to keep the conditions stable.

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The prime minister also explained the unprecedented threat posed by the coronavirus and the country’s plan to tackle it, laying out a four-stage lockdown system that closed schools, businesses, and travel. This system worked well, allowing New Zealand to permit businesses and schools to reopen¬†earlier this month.

Right now the government is planning to reopen the country internally in order to facilitate with businesses and education systems. Hopefully, the country’s condition will stay this way from now on. Let us know what you think of this in the comments section below!

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