Nigeria ready to compete in the smartphone market with the new iTEL P36 and P36 Pro models which introduce long battery life

Nigeria virtually launched two powerful smartphones yesterday, iTEL P36 and P36 Pro

iTel, the popular African smartphone company has recently launched the P36 smartphones worldwide. The virtual launch was an introduction to the entry-level phone. It is an extremely budget-friendly phone which has some powerful specifications. The 2 launched devices are a part of the new P36 series from the company.

However, the Nigerian tech-giant was not looking towards launching a phone this good so soon. Both of these phones are in the entry-level and have solid points to compete with top brands. A 6.5-inch HD+ waterdrop display fullscreen makes the phones the first in Africa to sport these features.

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iTEL virtually launches P36 and P36 Pro

The phones sport a screen ratio of 20:9 which is not something you expect from an entry-level budget-priced phone. This display actually feels refreshing when you are playing games or watching movies. The performance of this smartphone is also top-notch as far as the price tag is concerned. Both of these smartphones sport the new Android Pie (Go Edition) and the P36 version comes with 1GB of RAM while the Pro version comes with 2GB RAM. Both smartphones sport a long battery life with their new 5000mah battery.

These devices also feature a slim body design. In fact, despite the battery size, the devices are much slimmer than some of its predecessors like the P33 Plus and S15, which both have smaller battery sizes. The P36 devices series is 8.6mm slim. You can watch the official device launch on this website.

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The P36 and P36 Pro also feature a unibody design that provides an ultra-slim and portable experience. The surface of the devices is also water-resistant and dust-proof. It also features matte glass materials that protect the screen from every fingerprint touch and dust. In terms of security, the phone provides a face unlock feature along with its fingerprint sensor. The smartphone sports a camera of 13MP in the rear end.

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