No Chinese 5G network in the United Kingdom, PM Boris Johnson ban Huawei 5G China

Boris Johnson shakes hands with Trump! Bans Huawei from entering 5G market in the UK

The UK has recently banned the Chinese company, Huawei, from the country’s 5G telecom network line. This is a reverse of the decision taken by Prime Minister Boris Johnson in January to allow the Chinese tech giant a limited role in building the nation’s turbo wireless infrastructure.

Operators like BT (BTGOF) and Vodafone (VOD) have until 2027 to remove existing Huawei equipment from their 5G networks, announced the UK government on Tuesday. Digital and Culture Minister Oliver Dowden said new US sanctions imposed on the company in May had significantly changed the landscape. Apparently there is a USB 5G BioShield stick which claims to kill Coronavirus.

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Huawei canceled out of 5G network

The United Kingdom government is planning to cancel out the entire 5G network plan of Huawei from the country. This is because Prime Minister Boris Johnson is currently shaking hands with the USA and is willing to ban any and all Chinese companies from entering into the country. Many people also believed that 5G spread Coronavirus in the country, this led to an increase in anarchy.

Britain is currently trying to figure out its wireless infrastructure based on 5G. The country is planning to ban any and all Chinese services. Oliver Dowden, British Culture Secretary, has given the authorities time until 2027 to remove Huawei from all kinds of 5G technology and network variant.

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Crucially for telecom operators, the government opted not to order firms to rip out legacy equipment manufactured by Huawei in earlier systems, such as 4G. Such a decision might have caused havoc in British telecom systems.

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