No more battery problems ISS this year as NASA astronauts replace power systems in today’s spacewalk!

NASA astronauts complete battery replacements today as ISS commence its 5th spacewalk in 2020

NASA Astronauts performed their 2nd spacewalk today all under a week’s time. The astronauts stepped out of the ISS in order to replace the old batteries that the station was running on. Station commander Chris Cassidy and astronaut Bob Behnken ventured to tackle the more powerful and bigger batteries.

The success of the historic Launch America event led to the docking of these astronauts who eventually went on for two spacewalks in the same week. For every two outdated batteries coming out, a new and improved one goes in to supply power to the station on the night side of Earth.

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NASA Astronauts leave the International Space Station

The power station work for the ISS is currently going on as the researchers need only two more days to finish the task. Nasa plans to send the astronauts out twice more in July to complete the battery swaps that began in 2017.

The new lithium-ion batteries should last the rest of the space station’s life, according to officials. Before floating out, Mr. Cassidy attached a spare mirror to his sleeve to replace one that came off and floated away during Friday’s spacewalk.

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The space organization wants the battery work completed before Mr. Behnken returns to Earth in August aboard a SpaceX capsule. He is one of two test pilots who launched on SpaceX’s first astronaut flight in May. Chris Cassidy and Bob Behnken now have eight spacewalks apiece on their resumes.

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