No more fake news! Send ‘Hi’ to this WhatsApp number and talk to a chatbot to verify your news!


Facebook-owned social media giant WhatsApp is currently facing major spam in the sharing of fake news messages. The chat software continues to play the mediator for spreading fake news online. But thanks to a research group from Poynter Institute, people can now understand the news better. A newly developed and easy to use chatbot is helping people differentiate among fake news and original ones.

Partnering with International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN), WhatsApp is allowing people to use the new AI-powered chatbot. This new piece of software will easily let you check the validity of any news on spot. However, the app needs no special update for enabling this new feature.

The new chatbot comes as a result of an increase in fake news, due to the onset of Coronavirus. People started sharing any and all news that they fond interesting. This led to the misuse of the internet, due to which mass panic was seen in a large population.

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How to use the WhatsApp Chatbot

The fact-checking service is free to use and chats with you like a normal human being.

All you need to do is save the number +1 (727) 2912 606 as a contact and start a new chat with it. Click on the online link to start now! Send a “Hi” to begin all operations.

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Users will be receiving a greeting message along with a menu. The bot will deliver a message promises 24/7 service due to the COVID-19 pandemic and check the facts about the same. Users can choose an option from one of the following:

  • Search for fact checks
  • Latest fact checks
  • Tips to fight misinformation
  • Find fact-checkers near me
  • About us
  • Privacy

After this procedure, it is very simple to mobile sim protocols. You send a number and the chatbot helps you find a solution to that. However, every time you press a numeric value you need to enter a message. This makes the service very dynamic to use.

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