No need to stand in traffic for all Coronavirus patients! Google Maps launch new algorithm for traffic-free treatment

COVID-19: Google Map
Google maps will help you reach your destination faster with their new feature that avoids COVID-19 affected areas

Google just released a new feature to its platform, Google Maps, which aims to help users know about traffic details. These details actually pay more attention to public transits where COVID-19 infection can spread. The new feature will help you lead a more safe journey in the current situation. The pandemic is getting worse every day but still many countries have started to lift lockdowns. This means that people need to understand the priority of social distancing.

Regular travel will soon begin, do people now need to be careful of their surroundings. Google Maps launched the new feature which alerts you about any area that may be may be under or restriction due to Coronavirus pandemic. The feature will also notify about local transit agencies. Currently, this feature is available in Brazil, Belgium, India, Columbia, United Kingdom, United States, Mexico, France, with more additions coming soon.

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Google Maps: New feature to stay safe in transit

The company is currently planning to introduce driving alerts to help you notify about COVID-19 checkpoints in your route. You will receive an alert on your screen once you start navigation if your route has any such restrictions. If your route is impacted by these restrictions your map will immediately redirect you. Overall, the feature will help save a lot of your precious time. Also, you will no longer have to face unnecessary traffic any more.

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Google Maps is now making it simpler for everyone to contribute crowd information for their transit routes. You don’t need to do much. Just look up directions, tap through to see the transit details, then scroll down to find crowdedness predictions (where available) and easily contribute your own experiences. It is that simple and overall it can actually help you control traffic all around your area.

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