Nobel winning scientist claims the Coronavirus is a man-made bioweapon, says we are in the middle of 3rd World War!


Luc Montagnier, a French Nobel Laureate has lit the fire on the ongoing discussions about COVID-19. He says the Coronavirus as a bioweapon. He claims the SARS-CoV-2 virus is a result of a leakage from labs. But whether it is intentional or not is another question.

This is not the first time some kind of bioweapon is used to destroy global economics. During the post-war era, the American soldiers took the blame for using the smallpox virus as a bioweapon against African and middle eastern countries. Of course, no such things are proved due to political tension. But the question still remains.

Luc Montagnier won the Nobel Prize in Medicine for identifying the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). He thinks this is a result of trying to cure AIDS because the Coronavirus contains DNA strains similar to that of HIV. But the SARS-CoV-2 virus also contains parts of the malaria virus. This is what puzzles the noble laureate.

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Ground 0 of the Coronavirus conspiracy: Wuhan

Since early 2000 the Wuhan City in China is researching all sorts of Coronaviruses. But why are they researching? What are they researching? No one knows. Montagnier claims, the Chinese have a knack for these things. Apparently they are experts in this area.

This conspiracy is making its rounds on social media for a long time now. President Donald Trump says ” I will launch a probe into this, and will look into it as fast as possible. ” According to unknown sources, the vaccine was accidentally leaked by a working intern at the Wuhan Virology Institute in China. Again, nothing is a fool-proof document here.

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Most of these claims are rumors or are just plain work of fiction. But, some of these actually make valid points, says Luc Montagnier. The United States apparently questioned China’s biosafety almost 2 years ago. But no such measures took place.

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